Instagram Latest Updates That Will Change Your Marketing Direction

Instagram Latest Updates That Will Change Your Marketing Direction

Instagram never disappoints us with its latest updates. Every time it rolled out a new feature, the majority of the users shows a positive response. Similarly, in this lockdown situation where many global companies are facing a financial crisis. Instagram won’t let this situation stop them from keep on making their users happy by introducing amazing features.

Across Instagram, you can get the best experience due to its diversity of features. Some of the features are launched by inspiration from other platforms. Yet, the success Instagram manages to get from these updates is pleasantly surprising.

If you’re running a digital marketing campaign or interacting with the fan base, then you utterly need to keep yourself updated. Keep an eye on the new features and start using them before it gets viral. An influencer is the one who sets the trends.

In this piece of writing, we’re sharing the hottest updates of 2020 that can prove to be a game-changer for you.

Ability to Monetize on Instagram

IGTV was launched back in 2018 with the core purpose of making a strong impact in video content marketing. Though many of the users were attracted to them, it couldn’t work as per expectations. Unlike YouTube, it was not a platform that can generate huge income. For this reason, with the purpose to motivate the content creator Instagram recently allow them to get their IGTV account monetized. But for now, only the fewer famous content creator has allowed them of running 15 seconds ads on IGTV. In the future, the parameter of this money-making feature can be made widely accessible to many other creators.

To compete well in content marketing, Instagram will share the 55% cut of ad revenue with creators, equal to YouTube. This aspect can incite more creators and succeed in getting massive regular users.

Exciting Typography

Instagram typography was very popular, but some additional changes were made, which further redefine this. Now, you don’t need to use a third-party app to customize your writing and make it more attractive. Fonts can be placed with or without background, added with a brand new outline style, set a shadow, paint swipe option, and many others.

Instagram Guides

It is something like mini-blogs where you can post a how-to article about anything you want. “This is actually an entirely new format, launched very recently. According to Instagram, We want Instagram to be a place where you can easily find reliable information and inspiration from your favorite accounts. That’s why we are introducing Guides, a way to more easily discover recommendations, tips, and other content from your favorite creators, public figures, organizations, and publishers on Instagram.”

This feature has not been rolled out for everyone, but for only a very few creators, including Instagram themselves. It is really beneficial for those having the ability to give recommendations, like beauty and travel bloggers.

During this pandemic situation, where everyone gets limited to their homes. One may look for any recommendation from their favorite creators, or public figures. The simple photomosaic has now turned out to be the dominating social ground, where everyone can enjoy its perks.

Turning Business Profiles to Shops

The importance of digital marketing on Instagram is second to none due to its highly engaging audience. Once again, Instagram is come up with a revolutionary step that could make a huge difference in the marketing world. This useful feature has successfully enabled the business accounts to let their customer make a purchase without leaving the app.

Food delivery businesses and small businesses are the ones who can use it for reaping the maximum benefit. It could be a further push for your e-commerce business. Now, online shopping has made it much more comfortable, like never before. This ease of doing online shopping is beneficial for both ends.

Create badges

Instagram has launched another money-making feature for video creators. You can create badges so viewers can buy them to support in the comment section. Viewers can only buy one badge during a live stream worth 0.99$. During the testing phase, Instagram wasn’t taking shares from it. However, up till now, only a few creators have access to it.


The aforementioned updates are working very well as people are falling in love with them. Instagram has created some earning opportunities to motivate famous content creators. One of its promising features is the built-in interest factor. Let us know which one of these updates is your personal favorite in the comment section.