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Terms and Conditions

This term of the service agreement is most recent as of (01 Nov, 2021). Our services and website are operated by SEO Warriors LTD.

After accessing this site you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the website. After visiting this page you see the refund and return policy and agree to applicable all laws and terms that you are accountable to compliance with any applicable local regulations. When you agree to the terms and conditions on the website, you eventually agree upon anything you buy from SocialPoint.ca services you understand well and agree with what are you purchasing. You also agree not to file a fake or fraudulent dispute through PayPal, bank, or credit card. If you do not accept the terms and conditions for services of this website, you cannot enter this agreement. Thus you cannot buy anything from SocialPoint.ca. Any changes alter and substitute the former agreement.


  • To use this website and services you must be 13 years old and you must comply with all terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • You cannot use the services of its website in a way that follows all the agreements made with social media sites.
  • socialpoint.ca acquire the right to change anything anytime in the material contained without any prior notification.
  • socialpoint.ca does not make any commitment or promise to upgrade the materials.
  • As a buyer of this website, it is your responsibility to ensure that your accounts are set to the public within the delivery time of SocialPoint.ca.
  • The services used from SocialPoint.ca will only be used for promotional purposes.
  • You are not guaranteed a specific number of likes, views, and followers in any way.

The services of SocialPoint.ca are not guaranteed in an uninterrupted, error-free, and continental stream.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • socialpoint.ca considers your privacy as a foremost operation and takes all possible measures to sustain the confidentiality of your personal data.
  • Your personal information will not be used to fill your order. We ensure to prevent sell and distribute your personal information to any other party.
  • To acquire the information for Instagram API we need to know your Instagram username. We do not spread your username to anyone.


  • socialpoint.ca do not promote the material mentioned here as accurate, current and complete.
  • You cannot copy anything used on SocialPoint.ca without any written consent from SocialPoint.ca representatives.

Our Teams

  • socialpoint.ca is not responsible for any damage to you and your business in any way.
  • socialpoint.ca does not guarantee any implied for the services it provides. SocialPoint.ca uses internet sources to deliver the services hence we cannot guarantee uptime availability of our site.
  • ca reserves the right to modify, withdraw or suspend any part of the services we provide. SocialPoint.ca is not restricted to the notification to inform before updating the content of our website. Being our users it is your responsibility to ensure check to see any changes in terms and conditions.
  • socialpoint.ca does not guarantee the error-free and eternal operations of services.
  • You are restricted to comply with rules and regulations that you are subjected to by ca.
  • The amount of purchase is not guaranteed, sometimes it can be more or less. If it is less, contact our support team.


  • socialpoint.ca has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its internet. Therefore we are not responsible for the content linked to our site.
  • The enclosure of any link does not infer commendation by SocialPoint.ca. If you use any linked site to our website, use it at your own risk.
  • socialpoint.ca does not guarantee concerning expected outcomes and authenticity of using its internet site.


  • Being our customer you cannot upload anything that violates our terms and conditions. During our services, you cannot post including nudity or anything which does not comply with social media terms and conditions.
  • During our services, you cannot misuse our system
  • Any claim regarding the services of socialpoint.ca will be governed and treated according to the laws and regulations of Australia. While general terms and conditions apply to the use of a site.


SocialPoint.ca makes no promises, commitment, and guarantees to its customers. These throw-outs and refutes all other assurances, counting without restriction oblique guarantees or settings of merchantability, suitability for a specific drive, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other carelessness of privileges. 


  • socialpoint.ca and its staff are not responsible for anything including account suspension, deletion of photos, negative comments, unexpected votes, and DMs.
  • We are not accountable for any actions and respective outcomes. If your Instagram account is banned for any reason, ca is not responsible in any way.
  • To use the services of SocialPoint.ca is your own risk. We are not accountable for any consequences that may be caused after using our site. It is 100% your own risk.


  • On a fraudulent attempt to file a conflict, unauthorized transaction, chargeback, we provide the right and claim is needed, to restrict and ban your username and IP from ca.
  • For purchasing anting from SocialPoint.ca. You need to agree on the terms and conditions of PayPal. You need to state not to break any rule.
  • On buying our services you agree that you clearly know what you are purchasing from SocialPoint.ca thus will not file a conflict through the payment processor.


SocialPoint.ca will not be responsible for any damage (including loss of data, or due to business interruption and without limitations). In case SocialPoint.ca or its representatives approve a guarantee in verbal or written form it will not be acceptable. Some authorities do not support intended warranties hence will not apply to you.

Change of Terms

All the services we offer to you are provided to you under these mentioned terms and conditions at SocialPoint.ca. We have the right to change these terms and conditions anytime. The changes will be subjective to make provided data effective on our site. No more notice by SocialPoint.ca is needed for your extension of our site.