How to Monetize IGTV – Make Money from Instagram in 2020

How to Monetize IGTV – Make Money from Instagram in 2020

Want to add an extra layer to your average income? Here’s the ultimate guide to making money from Instagram in 2020. But before getting into the HOW, take a look at the following points.

IGTV is a simple video-sharing platform that allows you to share a few minutes of videos. However, verified or big channels are able to share videos up to 1 hour in length. The amazing features of IGTV are making it more enjoyable to use.

Similar to the YouTube ad revenue sharing policy, Instagram will follow the same 45% – 55% rule. The content creator will get 55% of the total ad revenues earned from one’s channel. With its launch, it emerged as a notable competitor for YouTube, but due to intense competition, Instagram reported a decline in user growth. Social media Gurus predicted that in the future, IGTV could become a fantastic place that can supplement your income. Instagram is a powerful platform, and surprisingly, it generates 20 Billion Dollar Ad revenue yearly. Incredible marketing opportunity of it gets the piles of attention of those who are looking to earn colossal increment easily.

The reason why IGTV doesn’t succeed in competing with YouTube is the absence of a monetization policy. But Instagram authorities took a good move by introducing a strong monetizing policy recently. In the coming future, IGTV could succeed in gathering massive users.

In this article, we’ve discussed the nitty-gritty of monetization of IGTV; you are looking.

Let’s Get Started.

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Monetization Offerings Policies

Initially, there would be two monetization offerings, IGTV Live badges, and ads. Both of these are described below.

Live Badges:

IGTV live badges can be purchased by viewers to show their support in the comment section. Your comment will be shown higher in order. For a live stream, you can buy only a single badge worth of 0.99$. And the cost of 3 badges would be from $0.99 to $4.99. Presently, Instagram isn’t cutting its share from IGTV live badges.


During the initial testing phase, Instagram has allowed around 200 of content creators to run the short ads. Certainly, in the future, its access will provide to many other creators.

Rule of Monetization:

To monetize your IGTV, you need to follow the Instagram content monetization policy. Instagram authorities review your request by looking at several factors. If you want not to face any unwelcome or unpleasant situation, then adhere to Instagram terms and conditions for content.

Prohibited Content for Monetization:

Instagram won’t monetize channels consisting of the following type of content.

  • Sexual, violent, profane or hateful content
  • Static, slideshows
  • Consists of consumption of Alcohol,
  • Debated social issues with the subject matter of targeting any race, ethnic group, etc
  • Chances for content consist of the derogatory or profane language getting monetized and also have fewer chances.

There is a detailed list of such content that is unable or very few chances of getting monetized on the Instagram Help Instagram website.

Tips for Monetized Your Channel Easily:

Chances of getting your channel to monetize will be increased if your account has a massive following. Not just good-sized following, you also have to engage themselves. To get more organic followers, you can get our assistance to minimize the time taken. We’re a Canadian-based social media service provider, having years of expertise, and leading the niche proudly. Our company has served thousands of satisfied customers, and they’ve got extraordinary results. Our services will make you able to build an engaging community, which will further assist you in easily monetizing your channel. Also Read: 6 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR INSTAGRAM AUDIENCE MORE ENGAGED