5 Important Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram

5 Important Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram

Applications developed in the feature, assign the shoe checkers all the other social media channels, however, Instagram social media platform that exceeds the number of 37 million users in Turkey, what does this mean for companies and individual entrepreneurs? Seda Genç , the founder of Neuro-marketing Consultancy, gave various clues about the effective use of Instagram for marketing purposes.

Images Shared on Instagram Boost Emotional Interaction

Neuro marketing consultant Seda Genç said, kullanıcı User motivations in Instagram; visuality, popularity and entertainment. Visuality is very important for creating emotional interaction. We know that the brain processes images 60 times faster than texts. On the other hand, happiness hormone is released from our brain and the reward center of our brain is activated when we make a share on Instagram. This makes users feel popular and satisfied. ”

Instagram Offers Business Opportunities

Stating that Instagram offers important opportunities for retailers and entrepreneurs in terms of marketing, Seda Genç said Inst Unlike e-commerce, Instagram enables consumers to see and buy a product that is not in their minds. While e-commerce increases the cognitive burden of finding the product the user is looking for among the many products, Instagram reduces this confusion. We’re able to see some important statistics, such as which posts have received more acclaim, how they have interacted, and the demographic characteristics of users. It is possible to use this data in content optimization to improve subsequent submissions and to provide better quality, better interaction content..

Increase Instagram Sales

Security: Users will first look for some security tips on their account on Instagram. In general, references provide this confidence. The fact that a friend or acquaintance has previously purchased something from that account, or that the account concerned includes comments and references from shoppers is a factor of trust for the user. On the other hand, the use of high-quality visuals and a clear sharing of contact information makes one feel cognitively safe and can be persuasive to shop.

Differentiation: Instagram can have a large number of Instagram accounts that do things similar to what you do. At this point we need to think about this; Ne what do users want to see on my page? What’s the difference between accounts selling similar products? Why would he follow me and buy my products? ”Those who are successful at Instagram are especially able to answer these questions.

Using tags: Users search through specific tags to get the images or accounts they’re looking for. If you do not use the relevant hashtags, they may turn to another account because the user cannot find you, even if they are motivated to purchase.

Gamification: Instagram is a social medium that people often use to have fun and have fun. The expectations of the users from the brands are also in the direction. This should not be ignored in online sales. Taking advantage of gamification in campaigns can trigger users’ purchasing motivation.

Creating a wish: Providing products and services as a beautiful visual is not enough. At the same time, it is necessary to create a desire for the product.