How to Steal you Instagram Competitor Strategy

How to Steal you Instagram Competitor Strategy

Instagram provides you the perfect opportunity to market your product at a larger scale. The crucial aspect which makes Instagram the dominating social across the globe is its relatively higher engagement ratio. Instagram pride itself by having 10% higher engagement rate than Facebook and as much as an 84% higher engagement rate than Twitter. This thing is enough to make you aware of the effectiveness of Instagram.

When it comes to getting the most out of your Instagram marketing, you need to take steps that will keep you ahead in the competition. This is due to the overwhelming competition. For this reason, you need to study your marketers and learn the tactics they are using.

Especially, if you are a beginner and excited to boost exposure of your brand, then this should be you must action. No matter on which state, your business is currently moving, it has alike importance. To make your marketing strategy more effective, you should also be aware of market trends.

With deep research, I’ve enlisted basic steps that are necessary to steal your Instagram competitor strategy from under their noses. Following these steps will make you able to rise above the competition.

Before we get into the how, let’s first discuss the why.

Why You Need to Research Your Competitors?

This is a necessary step to figuring out that exactly what your competitors are doing. Otherwise, it could be a financial threat to your business. It may possible that you are lacking in any area, so you can also find out those points. And then work on weak areas to keep yourself in game.

This analysis will make you able to learn which tactics they are using, their content strategy, and hashtags too.

Find out Your Competitors

Before making changes to your content strategy, you should be familiar with your competitors. Actually, you have to deal with two types of competitors:

Direct: Those businesses which are offering the same product or service, as you are offering.

Indirect: Indirect business would be those, who are offering your alternative product or services.

But the question still remains that how can you find your competitors on Instagram?

If you are in business for a while, then you must know your direct competitors. But the effective way is here. Firstly, focus on the interests of your targeted audience. So how can you find their interests? Keep posting and analyze which type of your content is well-liked by the audience. Now, observe and analyze which other brands of your niche are following the same.

Secondly, you can also track down the reviews about your branded hashtags. If you are using Instagram analytics tool, then it would be more convenient. Discover brands who are using similar or relevant hashtags. By this, you can reach out to them.

Instagram automatically suggests relevant brands or accounts, if you tend to follow your competitor account

Analyze Individual Competitor Instagram Posting Tactics

You have found out your competition, now, it’s time to study all of them. For this, scroll through its timeline and analyze the content style. Many brands usually follow the same style. Therefore, it is not going to much difficult for you.

Things you need to observe

  • How often your competitors post the content?
  • How many posts, your competitor publish in a specific period?
  • Which kind of his posts get much appreciation or attention?

Besides this, you can further study his most engaging content. But most importantly, you should also focus on his weak areas or drawbacks. Because you can capitalize on those areas where your competitors are lacking.

Which Hashtags Should You Choose?

Hashtags are becoming the trending and hottest feature of every social media ground. Your Instagram’s handle can expose to a wide audience, by adding specific keywords into your captions. But it is highly advised to use relevant and niche-oriented keywords only. Not always go with hashtags with higher density, as it already has tough competition.

By those hashtags, you can reach to the brands which are getting maximum audience. Consequently, you will get the idea which hashtags should be used.

Identify the Area of Improvement

Analyzing all these aspects, you will be able to identify the areas where you have to focus. If using those tactics is reaping out the desired results then it would be pleasant. Otherwise, incorporate other tactics into your content strategy and analyze them.