6 Simplest Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Business

6 Simplest Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Business

Did you succeed in driving more sales by Instagram marketing? If your answer is No, then this piece of writing can prove handy for driving meaningful business outcomes.

Almost 80% of Instagram users are connected with any business, either directly or indirectly. The ability of 10 times more likely to engage with a targeted audience makes Instagram marketer’s favorite platform.

To unlock Instagram’s potential; you need to follow an effective marketing strategy. And the very first step is to treat your profile as homage and win visitor’s first impression. Also, buy real Instagram followers to present yourself as famous and credible personality.

Only the optimized profiles are able to capture the attention of a wide audience of your target segment. Though there are several ways to do it, we’ve outlined only the simplest yet highly impactful techniques.

So let’s straight dive into this.

1)  Switch to Instagram Business Account

Instagram facilitates the brands and businesses by allowing them to switch into a business account. Business profiles can get access to multiple benefits that can translate into driving even more traffic at your content. These are some of the possible benefits you can avail:

  • With easy access to Instagram, insights can play a productive role in digital marketing.
  • By contact button, you can make your account easily accessible.
  • Ability to add links into your Stories in the form of a swipe-up option.
  • Promotion of your content to get it in front of wide-audience.

Switching into business account is way easier as you only have to link your Facebook page to Instagram handle

2)  Set Catchy Display Picture and Recognizable Username

“A profile picture is worth a thousand words”

Your profile picture display at evert activity spot, thus it must be an attractive one. Ideally, set the logo of business as display picture is best, as it becomes your identity. The aesthetic is everything, try to make it compelling by using notable background and filters. The best format of the profile picture is 110 x 110 pixels.

Tips for username vary with the different type of Instagram account. As we are discussing here from a business perspective, therefore these tips are the best to use for business profiles.

Make sure your username is

  • Easy to Remember
  • Choose a shorter username, but it should be sound better
  • Use your real name, being used on other social stations
  • It should define your characteristics

3)  Use Powerful Instagram Analytics Apps

Other than Instagram analytics, there are many other amazing tools available in the market. If you want to get even more insights into your content performance, then you must invest in other analytics apps. These tools will help you to go deeper into your digital marketing campaign.

Quintly, Squarelovin, Union Metrics, Iconosquare, these are some famous tool out there.

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4)  Create Worth-watching Content

Your content is the most valuable thing that can help you to thrive on Instagram. Following a proper and well-researched content strategy can result in amazing results. While pursuing your marketing goals, you need to create such content that can be loved by the audience.

While creating a solid content strategy, keep in mind the interests of your target audience. Be consistent in sharing the content, but avoid bombarding your followers with multiple posts a day. Make your content way more appealing as Instagram allow you to customize your content with several features.

Save your highly-engaged stories as Highlights within your profile. This can help you to extend its reach to even more audiences.

5)  Verify Your Account and Earn Blue Checkmark

If you’ve come out from the initial phase of Instagram marketing and attained an ample on following. Then, your next step is to strengthen your credibility to build a good reputation in the online market. If you feel that now I’ve gained a good-sized engaging audience, then you can request for verification. Visitors will find you suitable to have faith in, by looking at blue tick beside your username. This will take your marketing to the next level, and you will get privileges during different points.

6)  Add Clickable Link and Keywords in Description

One’s description is much valuable section due to its direct effect on ranking and other benefits. Make sure you’ve added a clickable link into your bio. As this can serve as a bridge to divert visitors from your profile to the website. Apart from it, the presence of a link enhances the worth of your description.

During executing Instagram marketing, you must work on particular keywords. Add those keywords here. The gist of the matter is that your description should make an instant positive impression. Branded hashtags could be another thing; you can put in the bio section.

Summing Up:

Marketers have prioritized Instagram marketing due to its highly engaging audience. Thus, one needs to give a solid reason for the visitor to click the followers button. Not only for marketers, can everyone reap out their intended results by optimizing their profiles.

Hopefully, you’ve got some idea on how to optimize your profile through the aforementioned ways. Let us know which one of this way, you’re going to employ.

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